27 December 2010

Clermont revisited

(En español en De Vuelta con el Cuaderno)
Drawings made at the XI Biennale du Carnet de Voyage that took place on november in Clermont-Ferrand. It was short car trip with my neighbour, urban (and not only) sketcher and friend Lapin to take a look at this huge sketch reunion.
Beeing a visitor has made this second chance much different from my first Biennale in which I was invited to show my work and passed most of the 3 days glued to my stand.
Apart from the usual camels and palm works (many of them really good, I must recognize) there were many new different works. I've appreciated (and welcomed) a more open minded approach this time, not so closed to the romantic, platonic, ancien régime, Discovery-Channeled and Stanley-Livingstoned idea of travel (that I like and follow myself). Works as Laurent Lolmède crowds, Damien Roudeau's homeless and prostitutes or Julien Revenu's authopsies are good samples of a different way to look at "travels" as an experience to be told on a sketchbook, much more interesting for me than the usual turban sketches.
I met also new and old folks and sketched some portraits (and not only). I draw them on a gorgeous sketchbook handmade by Choni Naudin, an amazing bookbinder from Zaragoza. She made this special one for the first meeting De Vuelta con el Cuaderno and since I couldn't assist I filled it at the Biennale.

On these pages Laurent LolmèdeJulien Revenu, Mathieu SapinCécile Quéau, Florent Chavouet, Jean Michel Charpentier, Andrea LonghiLapin, Joaquín González Dorao, Frédéric Rudant, Damien Roudeau (which baby sitted Marilou, 4 y.o.  page 3 left, while I visited his stand) and Sanjeev Joshi.

I needed some more pages and I continued sketching on my current pocket sketchbook.
On these pages Roberto CarianiLaurent Lolmède again, Elsie Herberstein, Damien Chavanat and Delphine Priollaud.

The day after I went with Lapin to draw the cathedral.
It was very cold so I just made a (forced) fast sketch

16 December 2010

Barcelona SketchCrawl 29 1/2

(En español en SketchCrawl Barcelona)

Drawings made at the last SkC that took place in Barcelona at Els Encants flea market and Plaça de Les Glòries Catalanes. The market and the flyover will soon disappear: the market moving to another place and the flyover becoming a subway.
Barcelona, 29 1/2th SketchCrawl #1
Barcelona, 29 1/2th SketchCrawl #2
Barcelona, 29 1/2th SketchCrawl #3
Barcelona, 29 1/2th SketchCrawl #4Barcelona, 29 1/2th SketchCrawl #5Barcelona, 29 1/2th SketchCrawl #6
I also made some portraits: the first 4 are stallholders, the rest are fellow sketchers.

11 December 2010


(En español en Urban Sketchers Spain)

For those who don't know about the caganer this can seem a joke, but it's actually a very serious-funny issue over here. In this case, the humongous caganer I drew this afternoon is the Christmas decoration of a shoping mall near the Port of Barcelona.
This video explains something about the assembly and installation.

11 November 2010

Barcelona, 29th SketchCrawl

(En español en De Vuelta con el Cuaderno)

Almost one month late, but here are the skeches I made in Barcelona at the 29th SketchCraw.

I did a lot of quick portraits of other sketchers. Here are some of them: Diego, César, Rita, Ana, Sagar, Javier, Eduardo Vicente, Lapin, Amparo, Jesús, Jordi, Mercé, María, Jenny, Daniel, Helena, Sergi, Clara and 2 different takes of Eduardo Salavisa.

13 October 2010

Barcelona sketching fun for the next days

Thursday 14 at 20:00: opening of a collective exhibition at the Crypt of the FAD Plaça dels Angels, 5-6 with sketcbooks by Lapin, Sagar, Swasky, Eclectic Box, jen.ben… and yours faithfully. Open until october 28.

Saturday 16: 29th SketchCrawl (thanks to Lapin for this gorgeous map he has made to communicate the route).

08 October 2010


(En español en De Vuelta con el Cuaderno)

A weekend in Treviso a couple of weeks ago for an exhibition. I went with Lapin and we had the opportunity of meeting some nice people and (of course) drawing this beautiful town. Here are some of my sketches. Lapin posted much faster than me (here and here).






01 October 2010


(En español en De Vuelta con el Cuaderno)
Friday 24 was La Mercè, a big festival in Barcelona. I went to Plaça Sant Jaume to see the castellers. I've always thought this is a beautiful metonymy of the collective work, and I'd say it's not a case that this old tradition had taken deep roots in Catalonia. I've seen castells all my life on tv or films, but this was the first time I had the opportunity of seen them live. Really exciting, at some moments I got goosebumps.

La Mercè 02

La Mercè 03

La Mercè 04

La Mercè 05

24 September 2010

Back from Zaragoza. 3: Zaragoza

Last post about my recent visit to Zaragoza.
The previous posts were about people: the first one about the speakers of the the 2nd De Vuelta con el Cuaderno meeting, and the second one about everybody else.
These ones are all about this fantastic city, full of wonderful places and lovely people.

Zaragoza 01

Zaragoza 02

Zaragoza 03

Zaragoza 04

Zaragoza 05

Zaragoza 06

Zaragoza 07


Zaragoza 09

Zaragoza 10

Zaragoza 11

19 September 2010

Back from Zaragoza. 2: People around

This is a sequel of the previous post.
All the drawings are portraits (or so) of the people I met those days while attending lectures, eating, drinking, talking, walking, singing, dancing...

Gente 01 (De Vuelta de Zaragoza)

Gente-02 (De Vuelta de Zaragoza)

Gente 03 (De Vuelta de Zaragoza)

Gente 04 (De Vuelta de Zaragoza)

Gente 05 (De Vuelta de Zaragoza)

Gente 06 (De Vuelta de Zaragoza)

Gente 07 (De Vuelta de Zaragoza)

15 September 2010

Back from Zaragoza. 1: The lecturers

Last weekend I went to Zaragoza with my neighbor Lapin for the 2nd De Vuelta con el Cuaderno meeting. I had the opportunity of drawing together with him, Luis Ruiz, Toño Fernández, Swasky, Josu Maroto and some other 70 sketchers. But this was only in the afternoon. For three days we spent the mornings attending lectures from big masters that shared their experience and knowledge, and came in the afternoon to draw with us.
It was intense, and so funny. Unforgetable days.

This first post is dedicated to the speakers, click on their names to know more about them.
(To be continued).

And the great Alfredo González.
Alfredo-1 (De Vuelta de Zaragoza)

Alfredo-2 (De Vuelta de Zaragoza)