18 August 2008


This is a sketchbook that was in my pocket this spring, from middle april till the end of june. Actually it's a moleskine notebook someone gave me for Chrsitmas a couple of years ago, but since I didn't find a better use, I decided to fill it with quick brush sketches.

08 August 2008

100th post

I started this sketchbook in the airport on my last vacation, but when I turned back home it wasn't finished (I drew the last pages only last week). This is a little movie of the whole sketchbook.
You can leaf through a better version of the vacation pages here.

This is my 100th post.
I opened this blog on 2006 but its real life started on june 2007 when I discovered EDM. It was a really great moment for my blog and so was for my drawing activity... and for me.
Thank you all.

03 August 2008


I don't use to make portraits. I must recognize I'm afraid of failing the resemblance and so, when I draw people I pay attention to gestures and attitudes leaving resemblance aside (I'd like to have France's eye for portraits!). Anyways, I'm quite proud of this one. My father was solving a crossword puzzle near the swimming pool and I made a very fast scribble (less than a minute) with a Pentel GFKP brush pen. I was really surprised of the (lucky) resemblance on such a quick sketch and I put immediately some watercolor touches. The whole drawing took about 5 minutes. I don't know if I really "catched the moment" as it's used to be said for photographies, but I sure can relive the whole scene when I see it.
The whole sketchbook can be seen here.