30 September 2007

EDM #116 Who's afraid of the big dish wash?

I don't love this thing. At all. Any relationship between us means that the dishwasher doesn't hold all the dish, or some pan was too dirty to entrust the machine with the job... and somebody will wash the dish by hand. But green is great.

29 September 2007

EDM #54 ...And I love her

One of the loves of my life: my itty bitty teeny weeny (the pen is just to give an idea of the size) moka express: two cups of dark strong italian coffee. I meet her at least 3 times a day: first about 7:30 before breakfast (a great habit I took in Italy), second about 10:30, third after lunch.
I know this love of mine will never die... and I love her.

20 September 2007

People next

We were in Gardaland, a fun fair near Garda Lake about 130 km from home. After a sandwich break the kids were all fresh and bouncing, while big people needed some coffee (or better some siesta).

11 September 2007

In memoriam Luciano

Last days italian TV has been full of odes to this big man, so I couldn't avoid to make some scribbles.
He was not my favorite (let's forget some raids in "foreign" repertoire) but there were some roles he sang as no one ever did.

Card game

Weekend in Cori, a little town 70 km south Rome.
These were some old men who played cards outdoors at the main square.

Actually there were only two men who played.
The others just watched the game.

EDM #84 and some doodles

Having dinner at the restaurant's terrace, with some friends and not so much light.

Afterwards at home with some will of drawing and not so much inspiration.