22 September 2008

Old Diary

Some days ago I found this pages in an old 2004 diary. After the oldies of the previous post, here I am again scratching he bottom of the barrel.
Not a so fertile season.

This is a particular doodles page since I tried to draw just faces. When I lost count there were more than 50 (many of them are really hidden).

These are sketches for a character I was working on in 2004...

...and this is just a page of doodles.

12 September 2008


Some new old drawings:

This was made about 1984 and it's one of my very few brush drawings before... 2008!

These 4 pages of doodles were made about january 1993.
I remember those were really happy days.

This was drawn on march 1997 on a trip to Bologna.
At that time I didn't know that 4 years after I'd move to live less than 2 km far from this park.