20 June 2008

Idle Klutzy Earthy Artifacts (4th issue)

Previous issues here, here and here (but this doesn't end here).

Double handsaw, very useful for picture and door frames since it makes 2 opposite cuts at 45º from the bar... simultaneously!

Collapsible handsaw, very practical since handsaws use to be the biggest tools and can't get into the toolbox.

Twisted hammer, very useful to recycle twisted nails.

Safety pincers, specially designed to avoid any kind of pinches (to get hurt you must be a real masochist or absolutely idiot).

Wedge bolt, for an ultra strong adjustment: the harder you screw on, the better it fits.

2 way bolt, suitable for right and left handed people since you can screw it on clockwise or counterclockwise... it's up to you!
(To be continued).

08 June 2008

Ever bean a leef turtle?

This is my contribution to Juj's japanese moleskine for the Moly_X_12. When I received Juj's moley I was working on an ad campaign for which the art director wanted a sort of atmosphere on a 1960'ish style. I seized the opportunity to reopen my old books by Mouse & Kelley, Victor Moscoso and obviously Robert Crumb. The first sketches (made when I had no idea of how to continue Juj's drawing) where considered "too acid and psychedelic" so I just did a cheesy op-art design that pleased everybody (but me). The agency cancelled all I really wanted to draw but give me the idea of what to do for Juj's moly. Surely it has been better this way.