22 June 2007

EDM #02 and #105

I started timidly to draw a lamp for the EDM challenge #02. At a certain moment my hand became intelligent and went ahead without consulting me and what must be a humble sketch of a lamp became an indoor landscape. She often behaves this unruly way but I don't know when.

For example, I don't know where she was when I tryed this scissors (obviously she held the pen but she wasn't there). I must finish the work all alone (isn't it evident?)

Who's afraid of the dentist?

I went to the dentist's and had to wait a little. I felt fortunate to be a sketcher and have something better to do than leafing through gossip, car and yacht magazines.

18 June 2007

A week on the beach

I've spent the last week on the beach. Me and my family went to Cesenatico, a little town 100 km far from Bologna, in the area of the Adriatic shore called Riviera Romagnola.
Obviously, I had sooooo much time to skecth.

This was my "studio" while making the previous two sketches.

EDM assortment (from the last week on the beach)

Every now and then I found a motif for an EDM challenge and here they are, arranged chronologically.

09 June 2007

EDM #03 and more

Fabio, my 11 y.o has started today his summer holydays. I drew his backpack yesterday, ready for the last school day of the year.

This is an EDM drawing made before I knew EDM challenges.

Almost automatic pages

These are all pages drawn when I don't know what to draw, or not so concentrated, or talking, or watching tv, the hand goes alone, searching at some moment finds something and takes your attention for a while, then get lost again but keeps on searching...

08 June 2007

A little bit of exhibitionism

This is my studio at home. First I used to do my pencil and ink work on paper and then scan it to color in photoshop. About one year ago I gave up to use paper and now I draw almost all my jobs straight on the tablet. It's better for productivity but I miss the touch of the pen and the paper. It's because of this that in the evening I hide the tablet under the white board... and fun starts.

This is my Little Partner (105x190 mm). It goes always with me: in the winter time I can put it in the pocket of my jacket. In the summer it goes on my fanny pack. About a 30% of the pages are my work diary (it's actually Success diary I bought in Munich at Kaut-Bullinger & Co, one of the best stationery stores I've ever known, a paradise for sketch junkies).

This is my Big Partner (150x240 mm). I carry it on my backpack (this means not always but almost always). I made it with the jacket of an old Quo Vadis diary. I fixed the rings (taken from another different old diary) with rivets. I fill both with different kinds of papers according to the technique I want to use. When I need new blank pages I file away the used ones. The holes are made with a Filofax punch.

07 June 2007

Mad world

...bright and early for their daily races
going nowhere, going nowhere...

EDM #01, #40 and more

Last week, navigating on the maaaarvelous blog of Suzanne Buchanan,
I discovered Every Day Matters and all this wonderful crazy people for which the essential survival kit is a notebook and a pen. Now I'm another sketch maniac, quite different from the one I used to be.