18 July 2011

De vuelta de Teruel

Back from Teruel where I went for the 3rd course "De Vuelta con el Cuaderno" this time as "professor" (this word reminds me people as Higgins, Moriarty or Xavier, nothing to do with teaching).

In this 3 fantastic days we had the opportunity for drawing the streets of Teruel
(here's the cathedral for example)...

...people here and there (fellow sketcher Javier de Blas on the leftside, 2 actors playing a scene on the street on the rightside)...

...a bus driver from Pakistan that asked me to portrait him (left) and some old houses (right).

We also passed a whole day drawing at Dinópolis.

As always, we had some gorgeous sketchbooks handmade by Choni Naudin.
I filled 2 of them, here are all the pages: