28 February 2009

My new itty-bittty WC box

After some time searching, I finally found a box big enough for just 6 half-pans, and nothing else (or almost).
It's an old italian liquorices metallic box (the design is old, the box is new, and the liquorices really good!). It has just two little faults: the cover doesn't reach horizontality when opened, and the interior is golden coloured and so, it's not possible to mix colors. The first is not serious and after some use the cover gets some looseness and lets down with no problem. For the second, I fitted in a piece of white glossy rigid plastic that works really fine.
The actual size is like a classic Zippo lighter, less wide but slightly higher.
The loaded weight is 40 grams.

11 February 2009

21th SketchCrawl in Bologna

This SketchCrawl was planned worldwide for january 10, but here in Bologna we couldn't make it (someone was snowed under with work, someone was snowed under with flu, someone was snowed under with fear... to get actually snowed under with snow).
We decided to make an alternative SC last saturday and here are the sketches I made. There was many people from off-Bologna and many new faces. Why don't we make it more often?
More stuff here.

01 February 2009

From MH to AJ

This is my contribution to Andrea's japanese Moleskine for the Moly_X_12.
I did it again: I fell in the temptation of imitating the inimitable. I used Andrea's technique and tools and tried to mimic her style. I like this kind of games and I use to start promisingly. But at a certain point I give up and my free-freak hand starts to talk and...
Well this is the result of this game.
Is it a grasshopper, is it a mantis, is it a locust?
Nope. As Suzzane called it, this is bamboo frog's cousin.