24 August 2009

La Certosa di Bologna

Some months ago my SketchCrawl fellow Sara insisted on include the Cemetery of La Certosa on our route. It was a real discovery. Since that day I've come back several times. After 8 years living in Bologna, I wonder why nobody had told me about this amazing place before.

Here are some photos.

14 August 2009

Pocket Sketchbook #7

My pocket sketchbook between april and july 2009. Almost all sketches where made from life in Bologna, Casalecchio, Ravenna and Vignola (Italy), Jávea and Gandía (Spain) and Porec (Croatia).
Music: Cesar Miró (1907-1999) "Todos vuelven", (Rubén Blades, Buscando América, 1984)

13 August 2009

Vacation (2nd. part)

More from my vacation in Porec, Croatia. Apart from the sketches of the previous post, I made 66 quick portraits of the people around. 52 of them can be seen on the last pages of this sketchbook (at that point I ended it and started another one, not ready yet). These are some samples.

10 August 2009

Everyday Sketchbook #2

Unlike other mine sketchbooks this one never came with me out of home. It used to be open on my desk for everyday work (first scribbles of storyboards, character designs, fair/event design) but also for TV portraits, figure drawings, studies on other artists, good, bad, mad and stupid ideas, doodles, to do's and everything else.
A 18.10.2008 Ω 18.06.2009
Music: Ivan Lins, "Depois dos Temporais" (Depois dos Temporais, 1983)