15 August 2007

Back from vacation

I've been in Lech, a little town in Voralberg, the westernmost region of Austria. The idea was trekking in the morning and swimming in the afternoon, but half the days the weather didn't agree. We seized the rainy days to visit some wonderful places as Bregenz or Sankt Gallen.
I was really amazed by the facades.

I wanted to work on light and tone and so I carried only markers and fibre pens. No much color in this post.

There were two Orthodox Jews playing chess on the the top of the Rüfispitze (2.632 m)

It was because of the weather that most of my sketches were made dinning at the restaurants...

...or having breakfast at the hotel

which restaurant had a marvelous ceiling.

Next two were made at the S'Achtele Restaurant,
that really deserves the link.

The next 4 were all made while having breakfast at the hotel.

I finished the crosshatching of the next at the swimming pool
(it's easy to guess it from the stains).

Next two are EDM #128 from both sides of the door

This was made after a whirlpool bath (a very relaxing sketch).