26 January 2009

Spaghetti gear

Or Idle Klutzy Earthy Artifacts 6th issue.
Previous issues: #1, #2, #3, and #4, and #5.

Thematic spaghetti fork.

Middle Age styled spaghetti fork.

Renaissance styled spaghetti fork.

Twirling spaghetti fork.
Someone stole me this idea (even before I've published it!!) and made this.
But mine is much better because it can twirl clockwise or counterclockwise (for left handed people) and it has 3 speeds: fast food, gourmet and diet. Ha!
(To be continued).

21 January 2009

Idle Klutzy Earthy Artifacts (5th issue)

Previous issues: #1, #2, #3, and #4.

Serrated Plane for non flat surfaces.

Double chisel for 3D carving.

Non loosenable nut.

External screw nut.

Double axed screwdriver for hidden screws.

Double screwdriver for double speed screwing.

Creative plastering trowel.
(To be continued).

16 January 2009


These are all doodles made while watching TV.
I started to draw the first building and then I suddenly remembered my friends Leticia and Javier, a couple (in all senses) of architects that became illustrators, awesome illustrators, I should say. They have told me more than once that there's a hidden architect in me. I don't know if it's true but I like to hear it. This thoughts made me build and build up more and more buildings.
Days after, the second one was a response to the first. The following ones are alternatives to building and buildup. (To be continued)

03 January 2009

Autumn 2008 sketchbook

In november, at the Clermont-Ferrand's Biennale du Carnet de Voyage, my friend Enrique Flores gave to many of us one of this little sketchbooks (10x15 cm) for which he had made the cover illustration. I started to draw on it when I came to Bologna and finished it exactly one month after. Almost all drawings were finished at place. I used 6 water brushes loaded with different watered fountain pen inks, except for the yellow that was liquid watercolor. The black lines were made with a Pentel brush pen and 2 Lamy Safary (with EF and calligraphic nibs) both loaded with Noodler's ink. Click on the image to zoom and leaf through pages, or see a video here.

01 January 2009

Crowd & snake v.1 (doodle)

I started this in november on a train between Lyon and Clermont-Ferrand and finished it on the way back. I put some watercolor while waiting on the airport. It has something to do with this, apart that both started as non planned doodles and suddenly found their way.