24 November 2008

À la Biennale du Carnet de Voyage

Last weekend I went to Clermont-Ferrand for the 9th Biennale du Carnet de Voyage. I had been invited to show my sketchbooks and it was my first exhibition, I mean not my first in Clermont-Ferrand but the first in my life. I had never shown my drawings to anybody but family and friends (blogging is not the same, it's like hitting and running, you don't see the faces of the people looking at your work).

I felt like a kid with a new toy, it was absolutely amazing. Seeing people round my table leafing through my sketchbooks (often from the first to the last page!) was unbelievable to me...

...but the best was to hear some of them laughing (I'm not kidding!) with my cartoons. Now I understand comedians when they say make 'em laugh: I'ts one of the greatest sensations I've ever felt.
I've posted many other pics here, and as you can see on them, every lunch ended sketching over the tablecloths: with pens, brushes, ink but also with wine, sauce, forks, fingers...
I learnt so much, I knew lots of great artists, some editors and many funny and nice people.
I'd like to go back next year!

I also found the time to make some sketches, here they are:

At Bologna Airport before the departure.

At the Lyon-Part Dieu Station.

On the train between Lyon and Clermont-Ferrand.

At the Clermont-Ferrand Station.

The last day I had some hours in Lyon and I took a walk in the Vieux Lyon (really nice!)

This is the brasserie La Gargouille where I took a fantastic lyonnaise salad.

This the view of the Saône river from the Bonaparte bridge.
It was a sunny day but the wind blew so hard and it was really difficult to draw.

...That's all folks!
Next year in Clermont-Ferrand!