28 February 2008


On the last weeks I've been very interested on aztec art (mainly the Nuttall Codex), I discovered the work of Jim Flora and went to an exhibition by Joan Miró. Surely all this were present when I made this page of TV doodles.

23 February 2008

And called it maccaroni

When I see other people's doodles I often feel they are really beautiful and suggestive, no matter how they were done. I use to make mine with not so much plan or concentration, and it's because I know how they were made, that I'm never sure if they are something... or just a feather in the hat.

16 February 2008

...and know you love them.

Introducing you Fabio, the first-born and only-born son of mine.
I've talked sometimes about him, he's one of the most interesting people I know, impossible to get bored when he's around (in all senses, many of you surely do know what I mean).
I made this portrait from a photo I took in december (we were on the bus and so the angled view), few days after the scene I told some days ago.

15 February 2008

A little bit brighter in every way

Yesterday I was given the "You make my day award" by Sarah, which fantastic work I discovered recently. He made this portrait too and I must say I'm really surprised and flattered.

It's supposed that I'd must follow this rules:
• The recipients should write a post with links to 5 blogs that make them think warm fuzzy thoughts.
• Acknowledge in the post the award giver.
• Display the “You Make My Day Award” logo with a link to the original post (optional)
• Tell the award winners that they have won by commenting on their blogs with the news.
On the last months I've discovered many people here that make my day everyday. I've seen some of them on the thread of this awards (Juj awarded Sarah, Joan awarded Juj...). This made the choice easier for me.
And the YMMDA goes to:
I see their blogs everyday. Sometimes I feel their way of watching things close to mine (oh yesss!). Some other they amaze me because I'd never thought or drawn that, or that way (oh my God!!!). They always make me feel better, or think different, or simply laugh (thank you!).

10 February 2008

Just look at them and sigh...

This conversation took place some time ago, Fabio was still 11 y.o.
We were at the table speaking italian.
–The Virgin in english must be Batwoman– he said.
–"Why?"– I said.
–Because "ma" in english is "bat" and "donna" is "woman", and so "Madonna" in english is "Batwoman" said him as if it was absolutely logic.
–Not "bat" but "but", with the letter "u"!– said Roberta.
–Aaahhhh!– he said, and I'm not sure if there was some cunning nuance in his eyes.

02 February 2008

Why must I turn back to certain places?

For example, I could do without my dentist's studio (actually, with any dentist's studio). This was my third visit in one year: too many, I find, even if it's always a place where you have some minutes to draw. That's the only thing that worth the time spent going there.
Old sketches are here and here.