10 February 2008

Just look at them and sigh...

This conversation took place some time ago, Fabio was still 11 y.o.
We were at the table speaking italian.
–The Virgin in english must be Batwoman– he said.
–"Why?"– I said.
–Because "ma" in english is "bat" and "donna" is "woman", and so "Madonna" in english is "Batwoman" said him as if it was absolutely logic.
–Not "bat" but "but", with the letter "u"!– said Roberta.
–Aaahhhh!– he said, and I'm not sure if there was some cunning nuance in his eyes.


  1. LOL. This is a great story! This is a perfect illustration of it. :)

  2. Yes, great story. The illustration got something of sexy...

  3. I really enjoy visiting your blog and have just given you the 'You Make My Day' award. Please visit my blog: http://sarahjanewilde.wordpress.com/ for full details.

  4. Very funny way of looking at language (and a good picture, too!)

  5. Too funny! Makes sense to me!

  6. I have just 'discovered' your blog. Wonderful work you are posting here. But this illustration and story is molto bellisimo! I will not forget your story!