30 October 2009

Crowd and snake

I made this upon a page of doodles I drew one year ago traveling to Clermont-Ferrand for the Biennale du Carnet de Voyage. I knew that this was just some idea to work on some day, but I forgot it (as use to do) till the end of the spring in which I was looking for one of those poor forgotten ideas to make a proper, real, finished illustration.

Here is the doodle sheet:

I started copying the doodles on a tracing paper to develop the idea and fix the amount of characters and their positions.
Then I traced it again on another sheet to get everything clearer.
I scanned the second pencil sketch and made the linework in photoshop using a Cintiq tablet/screen.
On different layers I worked simultaneously on the tones...
...and the flat colors...
...to render some volume.
Then I put some lights to get the final result.

To avoid neck pain here is a view towards East.

This is the view towards south...

...and this towards west.

1 surprised woman
1 lewd man
1 policeman
1 angry man
1 child
1 butler
1 worker
1 german waitress
1 chorus girl
1 diver
1 ballet dancer
1 obese woman
1 black panther
1 snake
1 lizard
1 afghan hound
1 white bear

4 women
7 men
1 child