13 October 2010

Barcelona sketching fun for the next days

Thursday 14 at 20:00: opening of a collective exhibition at the Crypt of the FAD Plaça dels Angels, 5-6 with sketcbooks by Lapin, Sagar, Swasky, Eclectic Box, jen.ben… and yours faithfully. Open until october 28.

Saturday 16: 29th SketchCrawl (thanks to Lapin for this gorgeous map he has made to communicate the route).

08 October 2010


(En español en De Vuelta con el Cuaderno)

A weekend in Treviso a couple of weeks ago for an exhibition. I went with Lapin and we had the opportunity of meeting some nice people and (of course) drawing this beautiful town. Here are some of my sketches. Lapin posted much faster than me (here and here).






01 October 2010


(En español en De Vuelta con el Cuaderno)
Friday 24 was La Mercè, a big festival in Barcelona. I went to Plaça Sant Jaume to see the castellers. I've always thought this is a beautiful metonymy of the collective work, and I'd say it's not a case that this old tradition had taken deep roots in Catalonia. I've seen castells all my life on tv or films, but this was the first time I had the opportunity of seen them live. Really exciting, at some moments I got goosebumps.

La Mercè 02

La Mercè 03

La Mercè 04

La Mercè 05