20 June 2009

Kraft paper sketchbook

Customized kraft-paper sketchbook (I made the wire- binding on a copy service in order to open it 360º). It's been a mate for almost 6 months in which I filled it of every idea (or non-idea) comming to my head and/or my hand: scribbles, sketches, public life, portraits, TV drawings, still lifes, designs, projects and so on. Made in Bologna, Casalecchio, Jávea and Venezia between december 22, 2008 and june 6, 2009.
Music: Chauncey Olcott (1858-1932), "My Wild Irish Rose" (Keith Jarrett, piano, 1999)

19 June 2009

Here & There

Sketchbook made with sheets of watercolor paper wire-binded on a copy service. Sketches made in Bologna, Casalecchio, Jávea, Ravenna and Vignola between march 03 and may 05 2009.
Music: Pino Daniele, "Lazzari felici" (Musicante, 1984)

18 June 2009

Spring 2009 pocket sketchbook

Sketchbook made with sheets of a torn Moleskine sketchbook wire-binded on a copy service. It was my pocket sketchbook beetween march 25 and april 12, 2009. Sketches taken in Bologna, Casalecchio and Jávea.
Music: "Les Mots d'Amour" (Charles Dumont, music and Michel Rivgauche, lyrics), Edith Piaf (1960)

17 June 2009

Winter 2009 pocket sketchbook

To make this sketchbook I cut some sheets of watercolor paper and made a wire-binding on a copy service. It came always with me till the last page was filled and contains drawings made in Bologna and Casalecchio between december 21, 2008 and march 25, 2009.
Music: Keb' Mo', "Am I Wrong?" (Keb' Mo', 1994)

16 June 2009

Sketch & The City

I started this sketchbook on october 25 at the Bologna SketchCrawl. Then I decided to use it just for SketchCrawls and urban sketches for the Gabi Campanario's Urban Sketchers blog. It contains drawings made in Bologna, Casalecchio Lyon and Verona between october 25, 2008 and february 26, 2009.
Music: W. A. Mozart (1756-1791) "Eine Kleine Gigue" K. 574
(Mitsuko Uchida, piano, 1991)

10 June 2009

SketchCrawl in VIlla Spada

Villa Spada is a great place for drawing. It's a big house of the XIXth century with a big garden full of amazing places and views. It was the first time I was there and from then on I've come back several times. Here's a video that gives some idea.
In the garden there's a row of 12 statues that cought my attention. They are quite weird, with some particular motifs and attitudes. First 9 are women and last 3 are old men with some resemblance to Emperor Palpatine. I decided to draw all them and color just the shadows but about noon the day got cloudy. At that moment i had made just 4 of them so I must finish a week after. In the meanwhile I must reload my waterbrushes, and it's because of this that color changes from the 5th on.