20 June 2009

Kraft paper sketchbook

Customized kraft-paper sketchbook (I made the wire- binding on a copy service in order to open it 360º). It's been a mate for almost 6 months in which I filled it of every idea (or non-idea) comming to my head and/or my hand: scribbles, sketches, public life, portraits, TV drawings, still lifes, designs, projects and so on. Made in Bologna, Casalecchio, Jávea and Venezia between december 22, 2008 and june 6, 2009.
Music: Chauncey Olcott (1858-1932), "My Wild Irish Rose" (Keith Jarrett, piano, 1999)


  1. you make me wanna draw again. too long time since I did that.

  2. What a fabulous treasure trove! Your work just gets better and better!!!

  3. me gusta la variedad de tus técnicas.
    un saludo.

  4. miguel, me he quedado sin aliento hermano.

  5. Miguel---

    Edgar has been talking about this post for the last 24 hours. So much so that I had to see for myself... Unbelievable! You are such an inspiration.

    Love the sketches and music as well. The perfect compliment.