30 July 2007

EDM #13 and some forgotten pages

Heat is not the best for creativity, and so I took one of the nearest things so I must not move too many muscles or shake too much gray matter.

Last week I must go again to the dentist. I sat on the same chair of the last time and I obviously want not to draw the same motive (see this). Instead of looking in front of me I looked to the left where this plant was. (I touched the sketch with some watercolors at home).

After the plant there was nothing interesting to draw. I resigned myself to draw the fire extinguisher, and to finish my descent on boredom, I let my hand rave.

25 July 2007

EDM #96 (or it was 47?)

Even if it was my birthday, I was not allowed to do a real EDM challenge live. Someone talked about tons of melted paraffin wax oozing over such a tasty cake while they wait for me to finish one of those... sketches. (Ah, we artists always misunderstood!)
Well, I shot a photo before blowing the candles and eating the cake, with the idea of draw from it taking my time. This time lasted about two -very busy- weeks.
Finally, a couple of days ago, taking a look at the challenge list I saw that #96 was "draw something sweet"... and I thought that really it was.

16 July 2007

Tutti a tavola!!

I made this before knowing about EDM. They are illustrations for a book of recipes from the cuisine of Emilia Romagna. The editor didn't want dishes ready to eat, but products ready to cook. In a very EDMish approach, since these are quite traditional recipes he asked me for loose watercolor still lives, with not so many attention to the detail but to the atmosphere, avoiding any kind of modern tools and pottery.
They were all made with brown 0.7 pencil, Winsor & Newton watercolors and Talens Ecoline liquid watercolors on Fabriano 300g watercolor paper.
These are only a few ones, all the recipes can be seen here.

Fantasia di piadine con squaquerone, erbette selvatiche,
cipolla fondente e prosciutto crudo di Parma

Anolini alla parmigiana con salsa allo stracotto

Involtini di lombetto con roviggiolo speziato e crescentine fritte

Tortelli d'erbetta al culatello di zibello croccante, scalogno di romagna e parmigiano

Zuppa inglese meringata

14 July 2007

EDM #14 (3 versions)

This is what I see in the morning when I get up. Actually, when I get up I see almost nothing because everything is dark, this is what I see after putting up the blind.
I did it this morning and seems I was not attacked by an outburst of inspiration, so I tried 3 takes before giving up, here they are.
For a more objective, descriptive, realistic and scientific approach, see this.

06 July 2007

EDM #32 and #123 (of metals and noises)

I live in an area that someone calls "the roaring heart of Italy" (Ferrari headquarters is located 25 km far from my house, Lamborghini 15, Maserati 35 and Ducati just 2, Imola Circuit 50 km and Mugello Circuit, 60). There is a huge tradition of metal and mechanic work (from manual crafts to high tech) and you can often find wonderful naïf sculptures like this one in stores, flea markets... or unsuspected places as the hairdresser's shop.
I took a quick scribble while waiting my turn and a photo to finish it at home.

This is an old birthday gift/joke. Heavy metal in this case: several hundred million dB of sound power, broken glasses, neighbor panic... My 11 y.o. used to ring it some time ago, preferably while I was drawing in 7th heaven so he could wake up my darkest, primitive and deeply hidden myself... just for a few seconds, lucky him.
It's been placed for some years on an upper shelf.

02 July 2007

Beauty and the beast

Last week I used a working trip to Seville as a pretext to visit some friends in Cadiz and my family in Madrid. I thought I could sketch pages and pages but the only chance happened while waiting to board: a little girl in loud clothes ate a donut near a black dressed security guard.