08 April 2008


Some weeks ago, Marty Harris invited me to join his flickr group called International Moleskine Exchange (moly_X for friends). He told me I should invite some people to draw together on a japanese Moleskine. The first thing I did was to take a look at the existing groups, and there I saw so many great artists I din't knew... but no one of my dream team! I wrote immediately all them (Andrea Joseph, France Belleville, Gabi Campanario, Juj and Suzanne Buchanan) to ask if they were interested, and they all said yes!! Marty opened a blog for us (we are the 12th group, now there are 17 throughout the world in this project).
After some fears, doubts, warming-up and planning, we finally started, and seems the first jump has been made by this bamboo frog, from me to Suzanne. She now must draw 2-3 pages and sent the sketchbook to Andrea (while Ill receive Juj's one) and so on till moly's are completed.