04 April 2008

My first Sketchcrawl

Last saturday I went to the first Bologna Sketchcrawl (18th in the rest of the world), organized by my friend Christian Cornia following the great idea of Enrico Casarosa. It was a sunny day and I sketched from 10:00 to 16:00 and crawled till 19:00 with about 10 people, most of them art students. I was the older one (this happens usually on the last times). It was really funny, and Bologna is a really beautifull town to crawl and to skecth.
I used Fabriano 180g watercolor paper, HB 0'7 and 1'4 leads, Pigma brush pen, Copic drawing pen, and watercolors applied with a Niji water brush.
My hand was quite stiff on the first moments but, as the day went by I felt much looser.

10:15 Torre degli Asinelli from Piazza della Mercanzia.

10:45 Angolo in Via Castiglione from Piazza della Mercanzia.
I was on the same place of the first drawing but looking backwards.

11:15 Piazza della Mercanzia from Via Caprarie.

11:45 Via degli Orefici from Palazzo Re Enzo.

12:15 Piazza Maggiore, Duomo

12:45 Piazza Maggiore, Mayor's Office from Palazzo Re Enzo.
(sitting on the same stairs, now lookin on the right side).

14:00 Corner in Via Rolandino from Piazza San Domenico

14:45 San Giovanni in Monte's Church.
I drew this with my sketchbook leant against the roof of an old Fiat 500.

15:30 Santo Stefano's Church.

16:00 Santo Stefano's Square.
I drew the previous sketch sitting under the first arch on the left.