04 April 2008

My first Sketchcrawl

Last saturday I went to the first Bologna Sketchcrawl (18th in the rest of the world), organized by my friend Christian Cornia following the great idea of Enrico Casarosa. It was a sunny day and I sketched from 10:00 to 16:00 and crawled till 19:00 with about 10 people, most of them art students. I was the older one (this happens usually on the last times). It was really funny, and Bologna is a really beautifull town to crawl and to skecth.
I used Fabriano 180g watercolor paper, HB 0'7 and 1'4 leads, Pigma brush pen, Copic drawing pen, and watercolors applied with a Niji water brush.
My hand was quite stiff on the first moments but, as the day went by I felt much looser.

10:15 Torre degli Asinelli from Piazza della Mercanzia.

10:45 Angolo in Via Castiglione from Piazza della Mercanzia.
I was on the same place of the first drawing but looking backwards.

11:15 Piazza della Mercanzia from Via Caprarie.

11:45 Via degli Orefici from Palazzo Re Enzo.

12:15 Piazza Maggiore, Duomo

12:45 Piazza Maggiore, Mayor's Office from Palazzo Re Enzo.
(sitting on the same stairs, now lookin on the right side).

14:00 Corner in Via Rolandino from Piazza San Domenico

14:45 San Giovanni in Monte's Church.
I drew this with my sketchbook leant against the roof of an old Fiat 500.

15:30 Santo Stefano's Church.

16:00 Santo Stefano's Square.
I drew the previous sketch sitting under the first arch on the left.


  1. Suena interesante, esto del Sketchcrawl! Este "14:00 Corner in Via Rolandino from Piazza San Domenico" es mi preferido. Me encanta el resultado con los tonos azulados!

  2. Por cierto, para que no le des más vueltas, soy catalana pero tengo la cabeza en el norte :D de ahí el nombre.

  3. lovely - all of them. You make me want to go out and take a better look at the world around me

  4. Wow, these are great Miguel. All of them. Just saw your MoleyX contribution too, and am still knocked out by it. You're cool.

  5. Great post. It really show the fact of you turning loose during the walk.
    Great information about the materials too.

  6. Lovely - the touches of colour really bring them alive

  7. I've been LONGING to see something like this on your blog. It made me go a bit weepy. Beautiful sketches.
    If I am ever there for a sketchcrawl - I'll be the oldest.

  8. Thank you all! Wendy, it would really great to crawl in Bologna while we sketch together (Sketchcrawl day or not). Tell me if you come!