10 April 2008


"Garabatos" (in english it sounds more or less like gah-rah-báh-tohs) is a wonderful spanish word that corresponds to doodles in english, scarabocchi in italian, gargots in catalan, rabiscos in portuguese, griffonages or gribouillis in french, gekritzel in german, rabbel in norwegian, and каляки-маляки (kalyaki-malyaki) or каракули (karakuli) in russian. (New languages are welcome).Some weeks ago I decided to open a sketchbook just for garabatos. After deep reflection and using all my originality, creativity and fantasy, I entitled it "Garabatos". It is the 5th sketchbook I have in this moment. The others are the Big Partner and the Little Partner that suply most of my posts and are the only that I carry with me, Skeched Memories and DOACK.
Here are the first entries.