08 June 2007

A little bit of exhibitionism

This is my studio at home. First I used to do my pencil and ink work on paper and then scan it to color in photoshop. About one year ago I gave up to use paper and now I draw almost all my jobs straight on the tablet. It's better for productivity but I miss the touch of the pen and the paper. It's because of this that in the evening I hide the tablet under the white board... and fun starts.

This is my Little Partner (105x190 mm). It goes always with me: in the winter time I can put it in the pocket of my jacket. In the summer it goes on my fanny pack. About a 30% of the pages are my work diary (it's actually Success diary I bought in Munich at Kaut-Bullinger & Co, one of the best stationery stores I've ever known, a paradise for sketch junkies).

This is my Big Partner (150x240 mm). I carry it on my backpack (this means not always but almost always). I made it with the jacket of an old Quo Vadis diary. I fixed the rings (taken from another different old diary) with rivets. I fill both with different kinds of papers according to the technique I want to use. When I need new blank pages I file away the used ones. The holes are made with a Filofax punch.