28 July 2008

Some days in Javea

Some days ago I came back after a little trip to Javea, a little town on the east of Spain: beach, sun, swimming, good food (we were in the middle of the paella land), and obviously... sketches.
These are taken from a little sketchbook I started in the airport (and almost finished at the end of the trip).
Click on the image to see it bigger.

Four months have passed since I posted my last EDM challenge, and even if it seems I don't follow the thread anymore, I think this blog keep on beeing always that thread. Thank you EDMers. This sketch is the 9th of a series I started a year ago (and I don't know when I'll finish).


  1. That's a cool little tool that allows you to flip through a sketchbook.

    I really like your salt & pepper (and more!) shakers. The way you've piled up shakers and text is visually very appealing.

  2. Great sketchbook - I liked all of the sketches on the beach,but then realized that you have to actually sit on the beach if you want to sketch other people sitting on the beach.

  3. Great album!


  4. Cool the issuu! Not so cool the you tube to show the visual journals, but many people are doing it.
    Great, great job that one you show in this post.

  5. God lord. I'm BLOWN AWAY by the sketchbook, Miguel. Wow. Makes me feel very small.

    And, of course, you know how I feel about your shakers!! haha.