21 July 2008

Sketched Memories (again)

I often post several drawings and I've always wanted the chance to leaf through them. It's because of this that I've always missed issuu, before I knew about it, even before it existed. I'll let pass for most of my multiple-drawing posts, but I couldn't lose the opportunity of publish again this pages as actual pages.
The first image of this memories came unexpectedly to my mind and I had the sudden impulse of drawing it on the travel journal I had just started (it was summer 2004 and I was about to depart to the Dolomites and Croatia). Few days after I decided to start another sketchbook for my travel drawings and keep this just for memories. I havent drawn on it since june 2007 but I keep on taking notes. Of course this is not a finished work.
A little movie of the whole sketchbook can be seen here, and there are better still images here.
Click on the image to see it bigger.