15 September 2010

Back from Zaragoza. 1: The lecturers

Last weekend I went to Zaragoza with my neighbor Lapin for the 2nd De Vuelta con el Cuaderno meeting. I had the opportunity of drawing together with him, Luis Ruiz, Toño Fernández, Swasky, Josu Maroto and some other 70 sketchers. But this was only in the afternoon. For three days we spent the mornings attending lectures from big masters that shared their experience and knowledge, and came in the afternoon to draw with us.
It was intense, and so funny. Unforgetable days.

This first post is dedicated to the speakers, click on their names to know more about them.
(To be continued).

And the great Alfredo González.
Alfredo-1 (De Vuelta de Zaragoza)

Alfredo-2 (De Vuelta de Zaragoza)


  1. desde luego que inolvidable miguel, una suerte tenerte entre nosotros
    me ha encantado esto de que organices las entradas por temas, espero ver más
    un abrazo

  2. Eskerrikasko, Josu! Espero que nos veamos pronto dibujando juntos otra vez, ha sido un verdadero placer.

  3. aquets apunt són una maravella, felicitats!

  4. Muy buenas ilustraciones!


  5. Moltes grácies, Ernest.
    Muchas gracias, Javi.