19 September 2010

Back from Zaragoza. 2: People around

This is a sequel of the previous post.
All the drawings are portraits (or so) of the people I met those days while attending lectures, eating, drinking, talking, walking, singing, dancing...

Gente 01 (De Vuelta de Zaragoza)

Gente-02 (De Vuelta de Zaragoza)

Gente 03 (De Vuelta de Zaragoza)

Gente 04 (De Vuelta de Zaragoza)

Gente 05 (De Vuelta de Zaragoza)

Gente 06 (De Vuelta de Zaragoza)

Gente 07 (De Vuelta de Zaragoza)


  1. tomas bien simpáticas. las que más me gustan son esas minimalistas, de pocas, esenciales, líneas


  2. These are amazing Miguel!!!!

    Congratulations on the invitation to participate in Treviso.

  3. I like your use of simple flat bold colour for your backgrounds.

  4. Hey Miguel, is that guy in the yellow hat and the blue shirt Lapin? I just read he is your neighbor! Wow! Suzanne met him in Portland at the Urban Sketchers Conference! Nice sketches!

  5. Thank you Edgar! Yes, he is Lapin, and it's not a case if he's my neighbor, when I was looking for an apartment to live in BCN he told me to check this neighborhood, and I liked it so much. Now we live just 4 blocks far and we often go drawing together. He told me he met Suzanne at Portland. Salúdala de mi parte, y si venís por BCN, nos vemos todos!

  6. Love your line...love your color...I love all of your sketches...like all of your characters!!! You are brilliant!!!