24 September 2010

Back from Zaragoza. 3: Zaragoza

Last post about my recent visit to Zaragoza.
The previous posts were about people: the first one about the speakers of the the 2nd De Vuelta con el Cuaderno meeting, and the second one about everybody else.
These ones are all about this fantastic city, full of wonderful places and lovely people.

Zaragoza 01

Zaragoza 02

Zaragoza 03

Zaragoza 04

Zaragoza 05

Zaragoza 06

Zaragoza 07


Zaragoza 09

Zaragoza 10

Zaragoza 11


  1. I love how you used colour in these sketches. Fabulous results!

  2. Concentrating on backgrounds I see, it really makes the drawing pop to put some color behind it.