03 September 2010


My dear pal Andrea Longhi has invited me to participate on an sketchbook exhibition that will take place in Treviso at the end of september.
I'm so honored for having the opportunity os showing my work with some artists I admire very much, and so glad because I will meet all my sketch mates from Bologna again!


Carnet de Voyage: this is the 7° edition of Treviso Comic Book Festival's theme.

You will find: 9 expositions, a comics market place with editors and authors, many events. Treviso Comic Book Festival is supported by Treviso Municipality, Treviso Province and Treviso Chamber of Commerce.

“Sketched Travels” is the 2010 edition main theme.
There will be an exposition dedicated to “carnet de voyage”.

The most important Italian and European will take part in our event.

You will find: Simo Capecchi, Giancarlo Iliprandi, Giovanni Cocco, Freekhand, Lapin and many more coming from the “Biennale du Carnet de Voyage de Clermont-Ferrand” and from the “Urban Sketchers Italy” movement. There will be many expositions involving carnet de voyage realized by Comic drawer, you'll find art from: Laura Scarpa, Thomas Campi, Stefano Turconi, Massimiliano Frezzato, Davide Toffolo and many others.

Moreover, an Italian Urban Sketchers symposium will take place during the Tvcbf2010.

Many artists are attended in the city.

Other expositions will show the art of comics authors like Lele Vianello and Guido Fuga (Hugo Pratt's colleague), Emile Bravo, Zìzì Collective and many others.

Be there! Treviso is waiting for you on 25th & 26th September

Full program is coming soon on www.fumettintv.com/tvcbf2010

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