29 August 2012

Santo Domingo #14 (dessert)

De Santo Domingo no he traido muchos dibujos de arquitectura y ambientes. Los estaba haciendo en el cuaderno que Laloran regaló a los participantes en el Simposium pero lo olvidé dentro de la catedral y no lo volví a ver. Paciencia.
Empecé esta serie con un aperitivo de marmotas durante el vuelo de llegada a Barcelona (último dibujo del viaje), y la cierro con un postre de marmotas durante el vuelo de ida a Santo Domingo (primeros dibujos del viaje). A veces la simetría me pone mucho.

I haven't  brought so many architecture and environment drawings from Santo Domingo. I was making them on the sketchbook Laloran gave to all the Symposium people but I forgot it inside the cathedral and never saw it again. Patience.
I started this series with a marmot aperitif during the return flight (the last drawing of the journey), and now I close it with a marmot dessert during the outward flight (the first drawings of the journey). Sometimes I get high on symmetry.

Santo Domingo #14.3

Santo Domingo #14.2

Santo Domingo #14.1

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  1. What a great way to spend the flight sketching. Love your sketches, they're vibrant and capture the mood. And best of all the people can't really go anywhere. I'll have to think twice before going to sleep on a flight next time.