27 March 2010

Enough was enough some time ago

I made this drawings a couple of weeks ago on a demonstration of Il Popolo Viola (the Purple People). Seems that finally some italians are waking up of the Berlusconi's sleep, seeing that it was always a smiling nightmare and that they are in danger.
Just one sample: tomorrow there will be a regional election and while Mr. B. banned all political debates on TV 3 weeks ago, yesterday he made speeches and interviews in prime time on 5 (of 7) national TV channels.
Am I wrong or this is some kind of new fascism?

Urban Sketchers network blogged at urban sketchers.


  1. yo no sé si será fascismo o no. pero sí es un abuso. y los abusadores tienen éxito sólo cuando los pueblos los dejan.

  2. Simples, mas totalmente lindo.