17 March 2010

Doodled people

On february 2008 I started a sketchbook just for doodles. Almost 2 years and 167 pages after it's finished. Through all this time I've filled it with many weird scribbles, some zenish improvisations, abstract (and non) ideas, many non ideas at all that kind of purposeless stuff.

Doodles (english), garabatos (spanish), scarabocchi (italian), gargots (catalan), rabiscos (portuguese), griffonages, or gribouillis (french), gekritzel (german), каляки-маляки / kalyaki-malyaki or каракули / karakuli (russian), krabbel (dutch), draskulki/драскулки or draskanitzi/драсканици (bulgarian).
New languages are welcome.