11 March 2010

Bologna SketchCrawl went to Mantova

Saturday 27 february, 26th Worldwide SketchCrawl. We decided to change scenario and it was a great success, at a certain moment we were 24, about twice the usual people on our meetings. There was a comic fair in Mantova and I think this was another allure for many of us.

I started near home at the meeting point, and continued this sort of minimal sketches at Piazza Sordello, now in Mantova.

Some sketching mates while drawing...

...some sketching mates while waiting their dishes.
After lunch we went to the lake shore where I took Santa Barbara's bell tower...

...and some of the lake inhabitants.

Then went back to the centre passing by Castel San Giorgio.

I love so much this castle so I drew it twice.

After the dusk we went to a bar to drink something hot.

A few of us stayed in Mantova for dinner, and I took the opportunity for going back to minimal sketches.

Urban Sketchers network blogged at urban sketchers.


  1. Love them all! What a great day you had!

  2. A very nice post, i enjoyed it- it is like following you sketchers through the whole day out! I especially like the "minimal sketches", like reading quick notes- only better :-)