25 March 2010


Cacharrito (it sounds more or less kah-cha-rree-toh) is more or less the same as cachivache.
These are some more I've found here and there at home: a wooden hen shaped pencil sharpener (one of the very first my son had); a little shell he found in Palinuro in summer 2003; a beautiful cheap porcelain box of uncertain origin; a tin legged pot 1/10 scaled (60 cm in real life) that comes from my grand mother and was very old in the 60's when I was a child (my favorite cachivache) , a tiny round alabaster box I stoled from my parents house and an uncertain swinging head animal I bought in Guadalajara (Mexico).

Cachivaches (spanish), tchotchkes or pishifkes (yiddish), knickknacks (english), ıvır zıvır (turkish), bugigangas (portuguese). More languages are welcome.


  1. Another great word! But these look very precious - I love the wooden sharpener and the 'uncertain looking' animal! Great sketches and I love the layout too.

  2. BUGIGANGAS! Cachivaches em português.
    I like your draws. You made a reasonable use of details. Clean and simple.