22 October 2007


I've been tagged by Felicity to tell 7 facts about me, here they are:
1. As well as Felicity, I have different ears too. I didn't knew it till the late 80's when I tried to put on some earphones and I just couldn't do it with the right side one.
2. I used to sing in an amateur choir as a bass-baritone. Beeing inside a Monteverdi's madrigal is a big, big, big experience.
3. Some times I used to work as a woodworker in my father's workshop. I didn't reach to learn the trade.
4. I gave up smoking on september 6, 1998. The method was the old "here, now an forever". I just hid my last Camel pack with about half the cigarettes. I found it months after while arranging my drawers and throw it away.
5. I started three degrees: Psychology, Graphic Design and Interior Design. I didn't ended none of them.
6. I don't like metallic stuff as bracelets or chains. I almost don't use watches (I use to see the hour on my cell phone). I have no wedding ring.
7. For some months I've been a lifeguard in a swimming pool.