13 October 2007

The old Maurits Cornelius

I knew about M. C. Escher in the late 70's in the first Martin Garner's book I read, and from then on both entered my list of the great men of all times. Years after, in 1994 I've been in Granada and get really flabbergasted by La Alhambra, specially by the decoration patterns.
I tried to know more about and I discovered that one of the biggest specialist was... Escher!! (He got interested like me on a trip to Granada he made in 1922). I tried to deepen on the study of patterns, symmetry and tessellation and it's because of this that for a while I didn't sketched so much. I had forgot all the pages I filled then on some lost folder and found them by chance a couple of weeks ago.
You can see some of them here.

I wanted to try to create an Escher-like tessellation, that was the only finished drawing of the series. Here it is (I apologize for my german transcription).

Next two were made last december as a kind of doodling in a not so inspiring waiting room.
The old MCE is always there.