10 April 2011

Castellers de Sants

Some weeks ago, with the usual wild bunch (CésarLapinSagarVíctor and Javier de Blas who had stopped for a few days in Barcelona on his long trip throughout the Mediterranean coast), I had the opportunity to attend a couple of the indoor rehearsals of the Castellers de Sants (Sants is a neighborhood of Barcelona). They are one of the most famous collas (teams) of castellers in all Catalonia. This are not my first castells live but in this occasion I could see everything from different high levels and I could appreciate the intricate way they construct the basis, the different figures and roles, and the complex organization and hierarchy of the colla.
At some times I had to stop drawing: seeing l'enxaneta (the 6-8 y.o. child that ends the castell) scaling a human tower till the 9th "floor" is really hypnotizing. I felt as pushing with my eyes to help all that remain standing.


Here are all them building a 9 floor castle.


  1. These are fantastic, as Debra has said, great lines.

  2. Lovely sketches! Can I tempt you to part with some? cwtostevin@aol.com

    Craig Tostevin (Castellers de Sants)