01 April 2009

Drawing guests

Last week I had 3 guests that came to Bologna for the Children's Book Fair.
I made som sketches of all them:

Anah, wich I knew last november in Clermont Ferrand at the Biennale du Carnet de Voyage.

I made her portrait at a trattoria in Ferrara where we made a little scape.
Lapin (my second guest) took this opportunity to make this gorgeous sketches.

I knew him in Clermont too. We use to meet on line at Urban Sketchers of which we both are members. By the way, I made his sketch while he was drawing another urban sketcher: Simo Capecchi.

My third guest was Andrea Joseph (yes!!!!!!!). As many of you know she was one of the artists selected by the Book Fair for the exhibition of this year.

Andrea is one of the first artist I knew about when I started blogging a couple years ago. I've followed her work from then on and we have a common project running with some other pals (I still can't believe they all say yes to that, they were my dream team).
After all this time of comments and emails, even if we both met for the first time only last week, I could proudly say we're old friends.


  1. merci l'ami!
    tengo que enviarte el retrato que me has hecho en clermont…

  2. Yeeesss¡¡¡ Besos mojados desde BArcelona.

  3. What fun!!! I envy all of them getting to meet you and you, them!
    These are fantastic sketches, of course!