21 March 2009

Bus sketching

I work at home so I don't take the bus everyday, but when it happens it's one of my favorite places to sketch. It's not easy because the shaking, but it's funny to take aim while the bus runs and shoot strokes madly fast in the few seconds it remains stopped .

This beautiful lady was sleeping when I got the bus, and still she was sleeping when I got off about 35 minutes after. She wore very elegant clothes and seemed to be a tired businesswoman, except because it's not usual to see businessmen and mainly businesswomen on the bus in Bologna.

This little old white haired woman wore a pair of big odd old fashioned glasses. She moved her head jerkily with her lively eyes behind the jumbo glasses fixing everything like a chihuahua.

A couple of quickies I made in may diary (no sketch gear with me that day, it's not usual) with some watercolor washes put afterwards at home.