06 July 2007

EDM #32 and #123 (of metals and noises)

I live in an area that someone calls "the roaring heart of Italy" (Ferrari headquarters is located 25 km far from my house, Lamborghini 15, Maserati 35 and Ducati just 2, Imola Circuit 50 km and Mugello Circuit, 60). There is a huge tradition of metal and mechanic work (from manual crafts to high tech) and you can often find wonderful naïf sculptures like this one in stores, flea markets... or unsuspected places as the hairdresser's shop.
I took a quick scribble while waiting my turn and a photo to finish it at home.

This is an old birthday gift/joke. Heavy metal in this case: several hundred million dB of sound power, broken glasses, neighbor panic... My 11 y.o. used to ring it some time ago, preferably while I was drawing in 7th heaven so he could wake up my darkest, primitive and deeply hidden myself... just for a few seconds, lucky him.
It's been placed for some years on an upper shelf.