16 April 2010

Paganello 2010

Paganello is an international event for frisbee lovers. I takes place over the Easter weekend at Rimini beach. Since my nephew played in one of the teams we dropped in on saturday to take a look at the competition and spend the day by the sea.
The sport they play is called beach ultimate, which is the beach variant of ultimate (I've learnt all this things that saturday, and now on the wikipedia). It's some kind of a light version of american football played with a frisbee instead of a ball. I was very funny when the wind was soft and they could make long and precise passes but about noon the wind became strong and the play became very difficult.

Rimini is the city of Fellini's film Amarcord and its because of this that every time the organization made some announce on the PA system it started with the legendary yell "I want a woman!!" taken from the soundtrack.

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  1. Non un compito facile quello di riuscire a rendere la velocità e la dinamicità di questo sport. Tu ci sei riuscito in maniera eccellente!