23 February 2010

A day at the (model car) races

Some time ago I went with my son to a Model & Hobby Fair. A lot of stuff, from some amazing huge scale models made with Lego pieces to some not so pleasant war games :P .
I've always loved propeller planes and I remembered when I was a kid and used to mount scale models and I should had spent some more looking at some Fokker DR1, Sopwith Camel or Mitsubishi Zero, but my son dragged me to the car racing area, where some really amazing remote control models were running.

We passed a lot of time and I had the opportunity of making some sketches since I was not too interested on the races.

Seeing all that boys and adult men (the few women at the fair were mostly wives and fiancees) with all those expensive toys made me think about the difference between the good old need of playing and the Peter Pan syndrome.

Anyways, even if this is not my cup of tea, it was a funny afternoon.

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