19 February 2010

Casalecchio Municipal Library

I love this place. I use to go once a week to take and leave something and not only books. The dvd section is really good: many movies from Almodóvar and Spielberg to Eisenstein and Griffith, but also many movies of classic, jazz and rock live concerts. There is a selected comic section too.
Almost everything I read in italian comes from this library.


  1. Wonderful, I love visiting my local library and borrow books about art in French!

  2. Great post - I miss a good library, there isn't one in my city. I love the way you indicate the light in your sketches - beautiful!

  3. Great sketches- I love the simplicity of line and color. There is something awesome, in the true sense of the word, about a library.

  4. The first sketch here is sublime. The colours of the washes really gives a sense of peace and that dusty silence that hangs around books.

    Love it.