23 January 2010

Isn't it nice to be home again?

This is my contribution to Suzanne's japanese Moleskine for the Moly_X_12.
It was the last entry, and after my drawing the moly started its homeward flight, after having traveled around the world for almost 2 years. Maybe because of this or who knows which other reasons I was in a some kind of and-so-it-goes mood when I draw it...


  1. Ahh, sad to see a moly go ... but I bet Suzanne was pretty excited on the other end! :) I know I'd be if a drawing like this was waiting for me in the post!

  2. Muy guapo tu trabajo, es soñar despacito en el mundo de la velocidad..

  3. Gracias Carlos, me encanta recibir mensajes en mi lengua :)