16 November 2009

Non Place People

Many people prefer the shop in the shopping center, many other prefer the shop in the corner. My shop in the corner is a shopping center, what can I do. If I forget something and I must run to buy it, the closest place is the shopping centre.

This centre was made by Berlusconi in 1994, and it's an historic place because at the inauguration he announced that he would enter into politics (with the consequences we all know).

I don't love this place but I don't hate it. Maybe it's a non-place as Marc Augé call this kind of places, but it's plenty of life. Somekind of life.
It's not beautiful but it's real. When I cross its doors I feel like watching some kind of italian neo-neorealist film. Most of what happens today happens here in this places or non-places (in Italy and in many countries). Or it can be understood looking this film.