24 November 2009

25th SketchCrawl Bologna 21.11.2009

The days before I though it should be a not so good SC. Some people said they wouldn't come and no special route or place was decided. But at the end many new people came and it was a great day.
There was a stand of a local radio station too, with a stupid host shouting and putting on shitty music. I decided to ignore it on my drawing (it was on the right side of the building entrance) and so I gave attention just to the architecture.
We went to Piazza Galvani were I drew this statue of Mr. Galvani and since I finished it quickly I decided to draw my drawing fellows.
This is Viola watching a sketchbook (with drawings made by yours faithfully).
San Francesco's Church at dusk.
Left: people on the bus while I went to our appointment. Right: Andrea and Marco.
We ate at the Osteria del Sole. Left: people at the next table. Right: Benedetta.
At the end we went to Modo, a bookshop where there was the presentation of a comic book.
Left: Daniele Caluri, one of the authors. Right: people listening his speech.
It was a great day.