09 May 2008

Blue & Green

On a recent post I talked about my attraction/fear about brushes and how Enrique Flores had helped me to go ahead. We met three weeks ago, and from then on I haven't stopped drawing straight with the brush. Here is my first complete sketchbook made walking on the wild side.

This was actually a Canson sketchbook which cover got torn. I made a new one with an old folder, and since it was blue and green I decided to draw just in blue and green. I filled a Niji brush with Parker blue ink and a Tria brush with Parker green and made all the sketches from nature or from TV. I started it saturday, april 19 and finished yesterday. Never drawn this fast.
Maybe for all you brush addicts this is trivial, but I've been always glued to fine liners and this is been for me like bungee jumping. Woah!