22 June 2011

El Monestir de Pedralbes

Some weeks ago I made a visit to the Monastery of Pedralbes, a little gothic jewel inside Barcelona. I liked it so much that I went again a couple of weeks after with Sant Lluc course attendees.

The cloister is not as rich as some others I've seen before (with a different capital for each column and so on) but is really elegant and harmonious.

This is the Queen's Hall, a good example of how proportions and space are Pedralbe's main appeals instead of richness and ornaments.

This a well in the cloister garden seen from the upper gallery. There was a marriage at the church and some few visitors, not so much people for a spring weekend. A very still, quiet and beautiful place to draw. I think I'll come back.


  1. Hola Miguel!!!

    I can't believe it took me this long to bump into your AMAZING blog!!!!!!! With AMAAAAAAAAAZING drawings!!!!!
    The internet is such a HUGE world of information that apparently this kind of thing can happen. We met in Zaragoza last year, remember? Miguel, can I link your blog on mine please? Thank you for sharing such beautiful work with us and hope to sketch with you sometime in the future :)

  2. Sure I remember, Monica!
    (take a look at this http://freekhand.blogspot.com/2010/09/back-from-zaragoza-1-lecturers.html maybe you recognize something :D) Of course you can link this as you want. I think we'll soon sketch together, next week if you come to Teruel, next month in Lisbon!

  3. ;) I've seen the drawings from Zaragoza :) Great drawings and so nice to remember! I was going to go to Teruel but had to cancel it for family reasons. But I'm glad we can meet here in Lisbon for the Symposium!! All the best and see you soon then :)

  4. I love the monestery of Pedralbes and it was so good to see it again through your lines and colours!

  5. Miguel, quizás lo sepas, quizás no. He visto que Lonely Planet tiene un concurso de «cuadernos de viaje»... No conozco a nadie más indicado que tú para participar, en caso de estar interesado.

    Te paso el enlace: http://acuarelas.lonelyplanet.es/

    Un abrazo.

  6. Miguel, these gorgeous drawings are among my absolute favorites of yours, though I think I say that every time ;D. They're ALL my favorites! I wish I had been able to come to Lisbon with my daughter. It would have been so great to sketch with you and see your work in person.