21 February 2011

Set decoration warehouse (or so)

Some weeks ago I went with Lapin, Sagar and Pierre Amoudry to visit (and draw of course) one of the most amazing and weird places I've ever seen. Imagine an enormous 3 flat building full –I mean full as a can of sardines– of everything you could ever need for every kind of movie or stage set, from any sort of furnishing or lamp, to ancient maps, army radios, butcher knives, paper dolls, venetian masks, torture tools, musical instruments, chinese umbrellas, hats, stoves, umbrellas, tackles, coffins... absolutely everything!
I still wonder how could they know where any item (let's say) could be when they rented their stuff for films such as Biutiful or Vicky Cristina Barcelona.



  1. What fun! These are great sketches, Miguel! Would love to go to that place and draw, too!

  2. This place sounds crazy! Your head would be spinning trying to draw it all :)

  3. Prop houses are amazing, until you need to find that one specific thing, then they can be baffling.

    Great sketches, great colour.

  4. Tengo que ir a conocer ese sitio tan magnificamente retratado...!!Tus dibujos son geniales, me encantan, estos de detalles, me fascinan..!! ;-D