01 January 2008

Winter holidays

I've spent the last days in Sesto, a real paradise for cross-country skiing. It was my first time and I had some forced landings, but I really enjoyed it and I think I'll repeat the experience.
Obviously, I made some sketches too.

This is the Baur Hotel, a wonderful building of the late 1800's, just in the shore of the Dobbiaco Lake (there is a fantastic ski trip around).

We found this poinsettia on our table at the Zum Klaus restaurant.

The food at Zum Klaus was really good, and the decoration had some funny touches like this...

...and this.


  1. Feliz Año Nuevo Miguel, que en el 2008 no nos falte la inspiración ni las ganas de dibujar!

  2. Welcome back! Love the poinsettia - such a great graphic quality. Happy New Year Miguel - Hope it's everything you dream of.

  3. Miguelón,desde tus Madriles,,,un abrazote.

  4. Ey, Carlangas! Bienvenido por aquí!

  5. Miguel, wow, I just have to say I LOVE your salt and pepper shakers! Such beautiful lines! I never knew it was possible to make something look so real and yet so artful by pen. (Goodness, I love all your art!)

    Utterly inspiring for an EDM newbie like me. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Quick question: what do you use for the white in your pen drawings? Is it a marker? Paint? Or a specific pen?

  6. Thank you so much, Pippa, and welcome to EDM!
    For the whites I use a white gel pen (Pilot, Pentel, Koh-I-Noor etc)

  7. Nice sketch of the Baur Hotel. Hope Isee more or your sketches.